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This is a special place. A place where you can come to make friends you likely wouldn’t meet in your day to day life. Women need friends and yet we’ve allowed ourselves to become so disconnected. Friends bring more happiness into our lives than almost anything else, even more than chocolate and coffee. You know that’s true! Friendships have a huge impact on our mental health and overall happiness. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort, and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Good friends are even better than yoga and meditation! That’s why we’ve invited you to our little special place on the internet. It’s time to start connecting again in meaningful ways. We will talk about all sorts of things, laugh, and cry. Sometimes we will laugh and cry at the same time. You know that really ugly cry you have. Don’t worry we won’t judge you because we are all friends here. We will share advice, tips, hacks, and so much more. All of the things that make true friendship so great.

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